Update Whonix Build Version without reinstalling .ova

Hi, I’m using the virtualbox version of whonix. I use the following commands to update the operating system: sudo apt update - sudo apt dist-upgrade.

However, these commands do not update the template, in fact when I open virtualbox it always remains the same version of the .ova file downloaded previously.

Is there a way without losing the data present in the OS and without reinstalling the new version .ova file?

workstation user ~]% hostnamectl
Static hostname: host
Icon name: computer-vm
Chassis: vm 🖴
Machine ID: ******************
Boot ID: **********************************
Virtualization: oracle
Operating System: Debian GNU/Linux 12 (bookworm)
Kernel: Linux 6.1.0-18-amd64
Architecture: x86-64
Hardware Vendor: innotek GmbH
Hardware Model: VirtualBox
Firmware Version: VirtualBox
[workstation user ~]%

Even though my OS has been totally updated to the latest version, on virtualbox I still see the version of the previous .ova or Version: instead of the current Version:

There is also a link with a footnote with additional information.

That is expected, normal. Nothing to do.

Read Version Numbers.

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workstation user ~]% systemcheck --verbose --function show_versions
[INFO] [systemcheck] Whonix build version:
[INFO] [systemcheck] whonix-workstation-packages-dependencies-cli: 24.2-1
[INFO] [systemcheck] derivative_major_release_version /etc/whonix_version: 17
[workstation user ~]%


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why can’t I see the updated version

Read the link?

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ok, I read that it will remain unchanged and it is not possible to update it, unless I proceed with reinstalling a new .ova file.

It’s correct?

Right. And there’s nothing you’re missing out on. No action required.