Update sdwdate-gui widget tray icons


ID: 991
PHID: PHID-TASK-5bbpqggqpcl7lj5fhorq
Author: ninavizz
Status at Migration Time: resolved
Priority at Migration Time: Wishlist


Sub-task w/in T963

The sdw-date iconography that surfaces in the Qubes tray, is not intuitive to users unfamiliar with the technical details of Whonix.

A majority of Qubes users will simply want to know if Whonix is or is not connected securely: yes or no. The clock semiotic only speaks to users who understand the concepts of time-sync. This imposes a cognitive burden on all non-technical Qubes users, and users new to both Qubes and operating a computer in a high opsec environment.

The tray icons today are also difficult to visually decipher, at the small size they are. The icons attached to this issue, are both 32x32; they should adequately replace the icons that are today 32x32 and 32x26. Note on the latter—it had displayed as “broken” until Marta with Qubes filed a bugfix. I suspect some of what contributed to the problem was that the PNG was not perfectly square. The new ones, I ensured are. They are also both transparent, as to not load with big white blocks behind them.

This issue is a duplicate of [[ Update Whonix Tray Icon · Issue #5813 · QubesOS/qubes-issues · GitHub | an issue I created in the Qubes Issues repo on GitHub. ]]

I also suspect the majority of the “work” with implementing this, will be in change-management with regards to updating screenshots on both the Whonix and Qubes websites, and possibly documentation texts. I would love to take the implementation of this on, myself, but am not a developer and also have a very full plate with other user research and design work. {F12298694}




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