unzip whonix 13 with tar creates 100G qcow2 file

Hello iam using Linux Mint 18 and the tar command creates an 100gb file.
Is there a workaround? to shrink the file to its normal sparse size?

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Please regard this: https://www.whonix.org/wiki/KVM#Moving_Whonix_Image_Files

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Thank you
The Installation manual was very useful!

So is there a command to shrink the file?

Yes there is and thanks to
qemu-img convert -f raw -O qcow2 Whonix-Workstation- my.qcow2

This shrink the file from 107GB to 4.7GB

Thank You

There is no need to shrink the file. Sparse files mean they have the potential to reach up to 100GB though they do not take up this space initially - just 1GB roughly. You must be careful with how you move them if you want to preserve their smaller size by following the instructions on the wiki.

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Oh thank you for this subordination again.
Oh yes i have to shrink the File!!! If i wanna use whonix.

I only unzip it! and bam ‘tar’ creates an 107GB file!

You can recreate this
install mint 18,
use only the tar command
from the manual

This is not my first installation of whonix.

Thank You

If you followed the official guide and still have this problem, it’s almost certainly a problem with your distribution and its software, not Whonix, since this problem doesn’t exist on any other distros. I just downloaded and extracted Whonix on Debian and it works fine.

Are you sure you used the commands exactly as described?

Personally I would recommend against using Mint as a host for Whonix anyway. Mint is terrible for privacy.


i have exactly the same issue on Ubuntu Budgie 16.04 LTS

Using the command from the manual (https://www.whonix.org/wiki/KVM#Landing) : tar -xvf Whonix-Gateway*.libvirt.xz

The file it’s creating is so big it makes crash my system.

I don’t have other Linux distro to test.

Any idea ?

Thx a lot for any help.


Good day,

Could you perhaps clarify what you mean by:

What kind of error message are you receiving? Does the crash occur during the extraction process? And, are you certain it is related to the file size and not some other process?

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