Unsupported qcow2 feature extended L2 entries

I’m getting this error “Unsupported qcow2 feature(s); extended L2 entries” when trying to start Whonix-Gateway-17.0.3 from Virtual Machine Manager.

I read that this “extended L2 entries” feature was added to the KVM image last December and may be broken for Ubuntu according to this comment Enable extended L2, reduce cluster size by HulaHoop0 · Pull Request #1 · adrelanos/Whonix · GitHub
Is this confirmed broken?

Can anyone confirm the image doesn’t work on Ubuntu Hosts?

Mainly we test on debian, even debian testing, but not ubuntu or arch or…etc check how you can solve KVM issues with them.

I was having the same issue (aptitude held back my qemu packages from upgrade). I fixed it by running
sudo apt upgrade qemu-system-x86

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