Unpacking linux-headers doesn't finish

When running upgrade-nonroot it’s slow and never - at least not in a few hours - goes further than the following lines (though the exact details might have changed):

Unpacking linux-headers-5.10.0-9-amd64 (5.10.70-1) over (5.10.70-1) …
Unpacking linux-headers-5.10.0-8-common (5.10.46-5) over (5.10.46-4) …

After aborting this i have been prompted to run ‘sudo dpkg --configure -a’ and did that and restarted a few times and so on but it didn’t help.

Whonix XFCE for VirtualBox users: RAM increase required?

Are you using VBox or KVM?

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It’s VirtualBox and I have already increased RAM to 3072 MB on Workstation and 2048 MB on Gateway.

RAM is sufficient indeed.

Build version?
(= Which version did you originally download?)

Enough disk space available,

  • on the host?
  • inside /boot in VM?
  • inside VM generally?

Check inside VM:

df -h

Build version: (XFCE)

Plenty of disk space on the host, there’s no seperate /boot shown by df -h, /dev/sda1 mounted on / shows 89G/90G available.