Unable to install MoneroGUI local node on a USB key.

Hey, so I’ve been trying to install a local node on a USB key by following this tutorial I found here. However, I’ve hit a snag because I keep getting an error message that says “no network, please check your firewall or network settings” or something similar. Any suggestions on what I can do to fix this issue?

The title of the linked topic is:

[Guide] Setting up a Monero full node on Tails

This here however is a Whonix support forum. Not a Tails support forum.

Therefore judging from the title alone, it is not surprising that this guide isn’t working.

See documentation:

(Whonix is based on Kicksecure.)

Sorry man, I checked Whonix, Qubes, Reddit and Kicksecure forum & docs already. The only guide that I found to install local node on a USB key was that one on tails. Both Whonix & Kicksecure docs you sent don’t talk about local nodes unfortunately…

There might be some assumptions here that a special guide is required. That’s most likely false. You don’t need a special guide. Most of this is unspecific to Whonix, Qubes. Meaning the same instructions apply that would apply for Debian (or any Linux). Hence, no special instructions are required.

Connectivity issues are most likely unrelated to USB.

Check that connectivity is generally functional in that VM. Check that other applications have functional connectivity before attempting to use Monero.

It makes sense to resolve that first. Don’t involve USB at that point.

  1. Any functional network connectivity without involving Monero.
  2. Any functional Monero connection, even if remote node.
  3. Monero full blockchain download.

This is a blocker since as long as connectivity isn’t functional, the USB question is irrelevant.

How to run Monero from USB (not sure what you mean, placing the binary there, placing the wallet file there or placing the blockchain there) is also unrelated to Whonix. This question needs to be split into various research components.

  1. Research how use Monero on USB with Debian (or any Linux).
  2. Research how to use Qubes (Debian based App Qube) with USB generally. Unrelated to Monero.
  3. Research how to use Monero on Qubes (Debian based App Qube) with Qubes, which then is probably just a combination of 1) and 2).
  4. Same as above with Qubes-Whonix. Probably nothing Whonix specific here.

Research how use Monero on USB with Debian (or any Linux).

This was my thought when doing the Tails guide.

I will continue looking for other linux distribution, thanks man !!