Unable to download "workstaion"

I successfully downloaded & installed Whonix “Gateway”(windows XP) inside of Virtual box but unable to download “Worksation” completely even after multiple attempts because of my unstable internet connection & file has to be restarted. Is the secure file available on torrents or any other way where i can restart the download from where its paused ?

Use a downloader that supports resume.

On Linux I would say wget -c https://download.whonix.org/ which is a command that can be repeated to resume. On Windows, you tell me.

On Windows hosts generally:
Computer Security Education - Whonix

Hey Patrick,
Thanks a lot for your prompt reply, I used Chrono ext for chrome to get a resumable downloader but now i face new problem. After i run the “Gateway” & “Workstation” i get this prompt mentioned below

A fatal error has occurred during virtual machine execution! The virtual machine will be powered off. Please copy the following error message using the clipboard to help diagnose the problem:
The guest is trying to switch to the PAE mode which is currently disabled by default in VirtualBox. PAE support can be enabled using the VM settings (System/Processor).
Error ID: PAEmode
Severity: Fatal Error

& i tried going to host key < system < processor but here “Enable PAE/NE” is not clickable (my host is windows XP)

Different issue → new thread. Please use the forum, and wiki search
engine. Also usual search engines. We have this documented.

Kicksecure ™ in VirtualBox - Troubleshooting - Kicksecure ™ does not Start?

Windows hosts are discouraged:
Computer Security Education - Whonix

XP host is even more discouraged, since it is deprecated by Microsoft.