Tutanota emails , r they really true claimers about what they r saying? (they arent)

did anyone tried to use tutanota encrypted end-to-end email messages ?

r they true about what they’re saying from protecting the privacy and …etc ? so that we can advise ppl to use it?

if u dont know them , then this is their main website

[url=https://tutanota.de/#!home]Secure email: Tutanota free encrypted email.

if u think there are trusted websites that gives encrypted end-to-end emails messages better than tutanota can u list some of them here ?

(note:- if there is any article that is talking about tutanota has worked witha gov, its ok to list the links of the websites who said that in ur comments)

thnx :slight_smile:

They are open source so they should be ok. Judging from their FAQ they don’t ask for any personal data upon sign-up and they don’t log IP addresses which is good.

thnx dude , very appreciated :slight_smile:

they r suspicious , hope no body will help them in the future.

c what happened with me:-

  • my message to them:-

hello there , im a fan of ur email services. but today i got very suspicious activity when i logged in from my email:-

i looked at “Folders” and “Sent” and “Trash” = ALL my past messages which i have deleted “permanently” been re-backed again in my email?!?!?!.

the problem not because my deleted emails have been rebacked.

but because i have deleted them “permanently” as u have said when anyone want to delete any email message located in the trash.

so either u r lying about the “permanently” and u r saving all our messages in ur servers, OR to be justice with u , u have to explain this.

impossible that a message can be reback again with a BUG !!! it must be that u r saving the messages. but tho i want to hear explanation.


You Have Only One Week To Explain This. Or Im Going To Spread This
To The Security Websites And Press To Warn Them From Using Your Manipulating Services.

if u want to play dirty then try me. if u want to play nice then give a reasonable explanation.


  • their reply:-

Hi there,

it’s possible that you were parallel logged in with two clients and they were not synchronized. We can’t think of any other reason. But one thing is for sure: we do not lie and neither do we save your messages.



Please support our fight for privacy and help us develop faster by upgrading to Premium (only 12€ per year)! :slight_smile:

Tutanota prices

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:expressionless: do u c im idiot to that level which i believe in this explanation ?

synchronize my ass (sorry but i have to say it) , because i dont even login from multiple devices.

and add to this , do u know what did they do after this message? they removed permanently and replace it with finally:-

Do you really want to finally delete all emails from this folder?

:smiley: fantastic marketing through lies.

they r Gmail-Google but the Germany version :wink:

be careful guys from what to choose out there.

look at their bullshit design were deleted messages could come again due to maintenance ?? which mean messages never been deleted in the first place, just stored else where:

Restored Emails

Dear Tutanota user,

on Thursday, 29th of June, some previously deleted emails have accidentally been restored during maintenance of our servers. This only applies to emails deleted between the 12th and 25th of June. Please check whether there are emails in your mailbox that you’d rather have deleted. Affected users were partly not able to access their mailbox folders.

Background info

Emails in our database are replicated several times to make sure that no data is being lost. We have activated one of our database servers again which had been down for maintenance for a while. Unfortunately that server has executed some write requests that could not be completed before, thus some later deleted emails were restored. We have analyzed this bad behavior and made sure it will not happen again. We could only identify a part of those emails and remove them from the database. For transparency reasons it is our obligation to inform every Tutanota user about this. By informing you directly via email, you have a chance to spot remaining restored emails and delete them. We apologize for this issue.

Best wishes,
your Tutanota Team

OH! they just admitted that they dont want any data to be lost , even the deleted one …

Tutanota has alot more disadvantages:

1- they agreed to GDPR?
2- not allowing users to use their ur own PGP , reason behind that you cant encrypt your subject = that sucks as who the hell told them to close this and not making it optional?
4- Based in Germany? (yes Europe , but not really the best place)
5- no hidden services entry to their website
6- doesnt use double password to their email

I’m not going to read the thread but a general rule: Stay away from any service that wants to encrypt your email for you. Your keys should be on your machine and isolated from the browser and any code it runs.

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none afaik, i agree with HulaHoop , this mumbo jumbo browser end to end theater is useless.
Tutanota and all the other privacy/activist platforms are a farce,Rise/Screwup is a prime example.

every Business in that space has to do this in the EU, if not you’re getting fined by these Parasites.

Europe and Germany in particular is the worst place for something like this, just wait for their “Hate Speech” Laws.

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