Turned my Kicksecure into Whonix-Host?

I am still at seting up my system for whonix which is as debian host and Whonix in KVM.
When I install Kicksecure and then Tor after a reboot, I get a warning message about whonix-host and that it is experimental and therefore insecure.
What I did:
-install debian 11
-install KVM and set up Whonix
-install grub-live and set default-live
-install Kicksecure
-torify all apt reps
-install Tor-browser on Host

I could reproduce this with a second installation.
Is my system now insecure because of that? Can you please help me on that again?

Thanks in advance.



thanks for those links.
What I couldnt find now: Is this it desired behaviour that Kicksecure turns into Whonix-host just like that?
And how do I avoid that without leaving out a step?

Sorry if my questions feel quite dumb to you.

Whonix-Host doesn’t exist at time of writing.

The abstract answer is “complete the development of Whonix-Host”.