Transport test result: Tor's transport was not reachable. (curl return code: [35] - [SSL connect err

Got some error from whonix check.

Transport test result: Tor’s transport was not reachable. (curl return code: [35] - [SSL connect error. The ssl handshaking failed.])

The TransPort Test works like this… In essence, whonixcheck attempts to download https://check.torproject.org (check.tpo) through Whonix-Workstation without any proxy settings and checks if it says “connected to Tor” or not. When connected through Tor as expected, fine. Otherwise, when check.tpo says not connected through Tor, some special, most likely unsupported setup (trying to use Whonix in virtualizers I never heard about, custom Gateway modifications) it would warn the user for possible leaks. In this case the ssl handshake failed for some reason and the test was aborted. Shouldn’t persist when re-running whonixcheck through different Tor circuit. Most likely nothing to worry about.

Yes its solved after reboot, thank you

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