Translation of the Wiki to Spanish


Hi friends, I’m back.

Some time ago I translated the main page, but only to me I have the option to see it in Spanish, if I check it from another browser does not appear.
Can somebody help me?



Confirmed. And fixed.


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Just checked and there seems to be some very odd behaviour going on. Once anyone (no matter his/her user level) is logged into the wiki, your translation, as well as certain other newer changes (like the white font on the donation banner or the fact that the current version already is marked for translation) appear. Thus I believe that it might be necessary to once again purge the cache as this has solved similar issues in the past.

Edit: @Patrick seems to have solved this already. Thanks.

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First I had to purge /var/www/w/cache/* and then to purge varnish cache.

Cache expiration should be automatic, but there are bugs.


Next time we can try https://www.whonix.org/wiki/Main_Page?action=purge (requires wiki admin). But I doubt it will help since a null edit (edit, save without actual changes) should do the same, but didn’t.

A while ago before we had this powerful server, whonix.org was slow. So I went crazy on caching. Nowadays it causes issues. I don’t know if its wise to disable the file cache. Having mediawiki php process the page on every anonymous page visit may be too much.

I am reading https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Manual:File_cache#Expiration but not getting any wiser.

Perhaps the unclean but easiest resolution would be to automate pruning /var/www/w/cache/* and varnish purge every day or every hour or so.


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I honestly have no idea what would be the ideal path to go here. Each solution has, as you mentioned advantages and disadvantages (speed vs accessibility of new content).

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Thanks :wink: