Tor's Control Port could not be reach. (Code: 255)


After the dist-upgrade on the gateway, it became unable to connect to tor.
The whonix check gave this:

Tor Bootstrap Result: Tor's Control Port could not be reach. (Code: 255) (tor_bootstrap_status: ERROR: Variable tor_bootstrap_status is empty. Please report this Whonix bug!).

I tried to launch arm with no success.

If I should on stack instead the whonix forums, I apologize for it.

What version are you using? Whonix 7 is no longer supported. Shouldn’t happen with Whonix 8.

I was using whonix 7 and it happened during the upgrade for the next version.
Should I uninstall whonix 7 on virtualbox and install whonix 8 instead?

EDIT: I just read your topic on version 8. I have to download manually images.
Thanks for your work.

You shouldn’t update from 7 to 8 anyway. Updates aren’t signed with a key 7 is aware. And unsigned updates are recommended against anyway: