Torrent over Sshuttle?

Hi all. It’s not about how Sshuttle or Torrent client running on Whonix.

I have Sshuttle running before Torrent client Torrent client,

sudo sshuttle -r root@ 0/0 --dns -x --python /usr/bin/python3

on my located Linux.

my question is the Sshuttle acting like the VPN to hide my real IP address to another client while torrent file is active?

Torrent over Tor is not a good idea for anonymous usage:


According to these page:




It doesnt show any intention to anonymize your traffic.

To solve that try using I2P for torrentings.

I known, so I’m not in the VBox.

Running Sshuttle does hide my real ip address, testing by websites, showing my IP is ssh server’s, not from my country.

Sshuttle is over SSH server, is it SSH ecrypting all my traffic between ISP and torrent clients? What If I set my Transmission to require encryption?

If you are not using Tor (which you shouldnt), then ask Sshutle developer or Torrents users/developers (maybe including transmission)

  1. I don’t know if you’ve just published an IP that belongs to you in that example. Do you want me to remove this info??

  2. SSH between you and the VPS will lead back to you if you pay the VPS providers in a non-anonymous way.

No Tor = no anonymity simple as that. SSH may keep your transmissions private but it will not be anonymous and traffic analysis can discover what kind of files you are transferring by looking at transmission size since padding is minimal compared to Tor.

No, it’s a compromised IP address, not real.

Unusually, I tested my https speed in https://www.speedtest.net/ or some websites, it’s much slowly than Torrent download speed, even 10 times. So I more care about Sshuttle has tunnel all network traffic? Is the SSH server problem

Is the SSH server problem?

Then it is very likely your SSH proxy is leaking the torrent traffic and the download is fetched in the clear.

If Sshuttle has tunnel all network traffic, the leaking is at the ssh server, which is also a VPS belongs to me . Can I force the VPS’s OS tunnel all traffic from my place?

No and no. The leak is happening with the client on your machine at this point.

Protocol leaks are very likely with torrent. See:


In essence torrent applications determine your real external IP address and add it into the content of the transmissible.

As an analogy: Imagine you send a snail mail letter without adding the sender (i.e. like using Tor). But then inside the letter you add your sender. That’s kinda what happens with some torrent clients. More detailed:


Related, Whonix filesharing:

Sshuttle is also called as a kind of VPN. But it is suffering from leaking external IP address then how about other VPNs? Afaik, some of them state that they are working with torrent protocol.

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