Torrent anonymously

How to download files from torrent trackers anonymously ?

Hi Kaen

Whonix will keep your IP address hidden while you use BitTorrent.




I complete agree with 0brand that whonix keeps you private while torrenting but for extra security, i am using Torrent VPN that is ExpressVPN it is awesome with the fast speed it provides 30 days money back guarantee.
But I suggestion is that before choosing any VPN first read about that VPN and choose VPN according to your requirement and budget.


Whonix wiki:

Whonix will keep your IP address hidden while you use BitTorrent and other file sharing and P2P programs. However, because the Tor network suffers from limited bandwidth shared among many users, please be aware of how much you are downloading and uploading with these programs: A single 500 megabyte media file can equal hours of browsing for another user.

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Hi markhascole

VPNs by design, and certainly used by themselves, are not anonymous. When used with whonix, strengthened security or anonymity is debatable.


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