Torify Debian Host OS

for best security when i use whonix i thought to torify my host OS for preventing clear connections .
I’m not sure if it’s a good idea but a default debian installation could make clear connection and i don’t know how to monitoring these .
Then, i would specially torify my system updates on the host for avoiding to reveal my software installed .

How can i do all of this ? :slight_smile:

That’s the “Whonix Host Operating System” idea. At time of writing, it doesn’t exist yet. And I don’t think I get to implement it anytime soon. So it’s TODO development.

Thanks for reply :slight_smile: .
In fact, this thing TODO will be much useful for users like me :slight_smile: .
Anyway, i found some guide, at least for system update even if i don’t know to prevent other kinds of clear traffic by host OS, i hope that Debian default OS doesn’t make clear connection unless my orders .
Can you tell if this works fine for system updates ?

sudo apt-get install tor ;
start tor : tor ;
sudo adduser tor --uid 3000 ; ( tor in roor privileges is a risk )
cd /home/tor ;
mkdir .tor ;
su tor ;
set the proxy system to : socks5:// .

I also found other guide but this seems more clear and easy, i’m not an expert :slight_smile: .
However i have the basic firewall configuration advised by you in the documentation, therefore for this problem it can’t help me .

No, I am sorry, there is no stopgap or so. I don’t know. If torification was simple and safe, then there would be no need for Whonix.

I see :slight_smile: .
However, i found out that is secure to update OS with torsocks command, there is no DNS leak or other information, i of course will control if i’m in a main in the midle attack .

Thanks for support :slight_smile: .