Torbrowser / Videos not playing

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Hi. It seems that torbrowser is having problems playing Videos. Youtube etc. VLC is able to play them but if I open the file in torbrowser it doesn’t play.

It is possible to click through the video but not to play the video.

It affects the virtualbox workstation from non-qubes-whonix.

Please report this to Tor Project as they can fix this. It is likely related to a recent change they made to Tor Browser code.

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Does the issue also happen on a Debian Linux host with Tor Browser Bundle?

As per Free Support for Whonix ™ and Tor Browser Essentials.

Hi. This is the Browser affected:

8.0.8 (based on Mozilla Firefox 60.6.1esr) (64-bit)

I use an Arch Host with Virtualbox running Whonix-Workstation-XFCE and have not tried TorBrowser outside of vBox.

For testing purposes I installed vlc, some ffmpeg and gstreamer libs etc. Didn’t helped.

There are no errors shown in the browsers console.

Videoplayback fails every test listed here:

If I click to a specific position two frames are played and it stops again. No matter if embed with html5 or directly opened within the browser.

edit: Upgrading Torbrowser to 8.5a10 (based on Mozilla Firefox 60.6.1esr) (64-bit) doesn’t change anything.

Hi _def

I’m not able to reproduce your issue. (video playback works with no problem) Have you tried adjusting the Tor Browser security slider?

Have you taken HulaHoops advice and reported to TBB bugs?

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Hi. I didn’t reported it as a bug. Maybe it is just a problem with slow hardware if others can’t reproduce it.


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I’ll check that the next time I open the Workmachine.

Edit: Checked. Is a different problem.

This is the one video in a million that works:

<video poster=";crop=smart&amp;format=pjpg&amp;auto=webp&amp;s=f34cbeffd8d362f98f6582abe54a28dae5de0e1b" loop="" muted="" preload="auto" class="HTML5StreamPlayer__video__regular" autoplay="" src="blob:">
<source src="" type="application/">

Don’t now why it plays but it does. The console logs some errors.

Specified “type” attribute of “application/” is not supported. Load of media resource failed.
All candidate resources failed to load. Media load paused.
Starting Raven release 2a534f749-production public url
Cannot play media. No decoders for requested formats: application/