Torbrowser Socks Port


I’m running a physically isolated Whonix 8 setup - btw, congratulations to the release of Whonix 8 - and I’m currently confused by Torbrowser proxy configuration. That is to say:

GW is
Workstation host is
Workstation VM is configured with VBox NAT DHCP as recommended in the Wiki.

Now, Stream Isolation tells me that Torbrowser should be configured with Socks v5 host: Port:9100. I installed Torbrowser with Torbrowser Updater to the Workstation VM and it is instead configured with Socks v5 host: Port:9150 by default.

Am I supposed to re-configure this manually? Seems like to a bad configuration to me.


No need for changes. The stream isolation page wasn’t updated. Fixed now.

Whonix-Workstation gets redirected to by rinetd. See on Whonix-Workstation file /etc/rinetd. Changing proxy settings in Tor Browser has proven to be unreliable. At some point Tor Button may change its internals and therefore break something again. Keeping the default settings and not requiring any changes in Tor Browser seems like the best way to support compatibility in long run and also is simplest in case update-torbrowser breaks and manually updating Tor Browser is required again in future.

(See also footnote and /etc/rinetd.conf on Whonix-Workstation.)