TorBrowser closes when MultiBit is running


I am using the latest whonix version in VirtualBox. Since the update today (oct 29th), my torbrowser closes when MultiBit (vers. 0.5.19) is running. Can anyone give me support how to fix this? If you need further information, please tell me what you need.


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Probably need to add more virtual RAM.

(Or alternatively might be wise to use multiple Whonix-Workstations.)


Thanks for the fast answer. My Workstation runs with 4GB RAM. Multiple Workstation is unfortunately no solution for me.
Before the update was made yesterday, I had NO problems running MultiBit and TorBrowser at the same time. The problem appeared since the update was done.

Please I need a fix :smiley: Will donate a little bit if you can help me^^

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It’s unlikely that any updates from Debian (no Whonix stable updates yesterday or so) have broken it. An update of MultiBit could have introduced some issue in MultiBit. That would be something I cannot fix at least not without forwarding seemingly huge sums to someone capable. I find it most likely, that this is an issue with RAM. Perhaps a memory leak in MultiBit. (Eating unnecessarily lot RAM due to a bug.)



Sort by memory. Click on memory.

See what eats most RAM. Run ksysguard before running either Tor Browser or MultiBit. First start MultiBit. See how much RAM it uses. Also see how much CPU it uses.


If that is inconclusive, install Debian jessie inside a VirtualBox VM. Then install Tor Browser and MultiBit there. See if the issue there happens as well.

Ah thanks god, I thought I’m the only one!
Exactly the same happened to me.

The update from yesterday updated the openjava which multibit uses.
Since then torbrowser crashes all the time when multibit is running
if multibit is closed, torbrowser runs just fine!

I spend the last hour looking for something about it online but I guess very few people use multibit and torbrowser at the sime time inside a VM :slight_smile:

not sure how openjava crashes torbrowser but it’s huge pain in the ass, need a fix urgently

I also have 4GB or ram so that shouldn’t be the issue
but we seem to have exactly the same setup i_need_support_pls, are you me? :slight_smile:

multibit ram use grows to 450mb, firefox to 90mb
still the total in use is 700mb out of 4gb, so plenty of ram to spare

however it goes to a point that torbrowser closes as soon as it’s opened after multibit has been on for a while.

i relate it 99% to the openjava update from yesterday, i had zero problems before that and totally unusuable from today

is there a way to revert it or?

There was another openjdk update today, I guess there was definitely something wrong with last one since they released new one that soon but unfortunately multibit still crashes tor browser.

i_need_support_pls did you find a solution?
Problem still persist for me.

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as Patrick already wrote, it might be a good idea to install Debian with the TBB and MultiBit in VBox and see, whether the problem persists.

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It’s definitely related to latest open java update for sure

that messed it up

and couple more updates later, the issues is fixed.