TorBrowser-anondist upgrade to 7.0?

I saw an update, I don’t know if it was in anon-whonix or sys-whonix or whonix-ws to 7.0

However , when I run anon-whonix it wants to manually update,

What is the expected behaviour, is it like Qubes other Templates, the
whonix-ws gets the TB update to 7.0 , then all other AppVMs anon-whonix etc, should already have the 7.0 update, or must I manually update within each anon-whonix AppVM ?

Tor Browser Advanced Topics

with respects, either this is too technical or maybe it the grammer could be cleaned up as it’s kind of nonsensical to me :slight_smile:
So, the TB is installed in whonix-ws OK, then the rest of it I can’t make sense of , In short , it seems to say , as a back up I can/must check for updates in the “About Tor Browser” pull down in the TB ? for each and every AppVM that I might use the TB in ?


tb-updater in Qubes TemplateVM

Tor Browser is installed by default in Whonix-Workstation in Qubes-Whonix, but not in Non-Qubes-Whonix. If the reader is interested in the reasons why, see here and here.

Beginning with Whonix 13, Qubes-Whonix-Workstation builds by default automatically run the Tor Browser Downloader by Whonix (tb-updater package) (update-torbrowser) following its initial installation within chroot. If the attempt to run the tb-updater package is unsuccessful, then it will fail closed by default, meaning the package itself will fail to install. As a consequence, this could lead to an error while building Whonix images from source code or when installing Whonix from the repository. This is undesirable behavior, but it has been decided to still install Tor Browser by default in Qubes-Whonix-Workstation. The only way to ensure Tor Browser is really installed by default is to also fail closed when necessary.

Beginning with Whonix 13, Qubes-Whonix-Workstation TemplateVMs by default automatically run update-torbrowser during upgrades of Tor Browser Downloader by Whonix (tb-updater package). If the update-torbrowser process fails, it will fail open by default. In this event, the user will be informed in the terminal that no new Tor Browser could be downloaded, but apt-get will terminate normally. This is necessary to implement the Qubes-Whonix feature ensuring up-to-date versions of Tor Browser in newly created AppVMs are inherited from updated TemplateVMs.

If a failure is experienced, the user can still update Tor Browser using Tor Browser Internal Updater or by manually downloading Tor Browser. This is a small inconvenience and not a matter of major concern.

Actions of the tp-updater package can be optionally configured by the user. -

Tor Browser in whonix-ws TemplateVM is only upgraded so newly created whonix-ws based AppVMs / DispVMs profit from upgrades Tor Browser versions.

Existing Tor Browser versions in previously existing whonix-ws based AppVMs can unfortunately not be upgraded by upgrading the whonix-ws TemplateVM. These have indeed to be updated using Tor Browser’s internal updater in each AppVM.

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now understood, vielen Dank