TOR2WEB message in TOR browser

Hi guys,

I have just installed the Qubes without any mods, just out of box.

When launched the TOR and visited some onion sites sometimes I had message like this: you are using TOR2WB, please come back using the TOR browser. The websites did not open at all.

Could you please explain me what happens? Do I need to do some extra settings or some mods? Or this is just the TOR’s fingerprint that is mistaken?

I use a VPN to access the internet.

Thanks for help.

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So, does that mean you didn’t install Whonix? Because OOB, it isn’t included with Qubes.

Did you reload Tor?

How did you set it up?

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( It’s Tor not TOR. https://www.whonix.org/wiki/Tor_Browser#Tor_vs_Tor_Browser )

User -> Tor -> VPN -> Internet or User -> VPN -> Tor -> Internet?

When using User -> Tor -> VPN -> Internet it’s expected that you no longer can connect to onion services. This is documented here:

Both, no.


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OOB is the abbreviation for “out of the box”: http://www.acronymfinder.com/Out-of-Box-(software-implementation-projects)-(OOB).html

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I don’t think the users issue has anything to do with a VPN. @Akira is using a link that is ending in onion.to and the hidden service they’re trying to visit is blocking clearweb proxies from Tor2Web and such (https://blog.obscuredfiles.com/identifying-individuals-using-tor-gateways/). So the solution, I believe, is to stop using a clearweb proxy.

Your links should look like this http://kkkkkkkkkk63ava6.onion.

Not like this: http://kkkkkkkkkk63ava6.onion.to.


There is never a good reason to use in-proxies like tor2web. You are actively MITMing what is otherwise a very secure connection.

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