Tor was blocked. Network management UI: use http SOCKS proxy all traffic throughout the system

According to the Press Freedom Index, Tor is blocked in most countries. List of freedom indices - Wikipedia

obfs4 Bridges: Complete blockade
Snowflake Bridges: Super slow speed Junk Bridges that take 1~3 minutes to load when you open a website.

  • Maybe we need a mesh network, act as fronting proxy !
Network management UI added option TUN
TUN acts as an agent for existing agreements, HTTP proxy HTTPS proxy SOCKS proxy
Use TUN mode to proxy all traffic throughout the system, including terminals

Why this request?

I’m in a country where the internet is very blocked, and upgrading or downloading software is a hassle, github gitlab Ping over time 300ms.

In thousands of Linux and BSD distributions, there is no single system desktop environment that proxies all traffic,
I use a proxychains and it’s a terrible proxy for the terminal, very slow.

Whonix is not an internet service provider (ISP) level censorship circumvention focused project. That would require a totally different project. Not planned. See also:

What I mean is to provide a GUI in Network management that allows the user to proxy all traffic using self-deployed http and SOCKS.

Tor Blocked Entire Whonix Distribution Completely Unavailable, I can proxy all traffic using my own http and SOCKS deployment.

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