TOR + VPN combinations: Would it be safer?

I plan to use chain: Whonix-Workstation → Whonix-Gateway → sys-vpn → sys-firewall → sys-net
On Whonix-Workstation, I plan to connect under rdp to a remote dedicated server with qubes + whonix OS installed. On a remote dedicated server, I plan to implement the same chain with another VPN provider (Whonix-Workstation → Whonix-Gateway → sys-ANOTHER-vpn → sys-firewall → sys-net).
I plan to work with Whonix-Workstation, which is located on a remote dedicated server

My question is: does this chain look more anonymous than if I were working without a remote dedicated server?

Thanks for answers

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The Tor project does not recommend VPNs since you have the option to use pluggable transports.