Tor SocksPort unreachable (just) in anon-whonix


there are a few similar problems reported here, but not mine exactly, so I dare posting this. (;

My set-up: Qubes 4 latest, Whonix 15 fresh install, Qubes VPN Proxy appVM/qube (Debian 9) fresh install (https://github.com/tasket/Qubes-vpn-support), OpenVPN via TCP file from Provider

This set-up worked flawlessly with Whonix 14, with UDP.

Completed every step here: https://www.whonix.org/wiki/Tunnels/Connecting_to_Tor_before_a_VPN

The VPN qube works fine everywhere, Tor via sys-whonix/whonix-15-gw works fine – just anon-whonix resp. whonix-15-ws resp. Tor Browser can’t connect.

Output from whonixcheck in anon-whonix:

[INFO] [whonixcheck] Qubes qubes-db Test Result: Connection to local qubes-db daemon succeeded, ok.
 [INFO] [whonixcheck] Qubes Settings Test Result: Ok. (GATEWAY_IP:
 [INFO] [whonixcheck] Qubes Settings Test Result: Ok, qubes_vm_type is AppVM.
 [INFO] [whonixcheck] Check Kernel Messages Test Result: Found nothing remarkable, ok.
 [INFO] [whonixcheck] check network interfaces Result: Ok.
 [INFO] [whonixcheck] Check Package Manager Running Result: None running, ok.
 [INFO] [whonixcheck] Tor Check Result: Not running on Whonix-Gateway, ok.
  [INFO] [whonixcheck] Tor Config Check Result: Tor config ok.
  [INFO] [whonixcheck] Tor Pid Check Result: Not running on Whonix-Gateway., ok.
  [WARNING] [whonixcheck] Tor SocksPort Reachability Test Result: Unreachable! (curl exit code: 28 | curl status message: [28] - [Operation timeout. The specified time-out period was reached according to the conditions.])
  [ERROR] [whonixcheck] Tor Connection Result:
  Tor's Control Port could not be reached!

Did I miss something concerning time-out periods? I have no idea where to change this – and never had to do/change something like this.

Thanks a lot for any hint,

Not timeout issue. whonixcheck test can’t success in that VM setup.
whonixcheck configuration issue.


Which instructions? Separate VPN Gateway? I don’t think these are complete. At least whonixcheck instructions (above are missing).

I can confirm that something like this occurred to me, too. But I am not using a VPN.

Since a few Qubes Whonix Updates ago (I unforunately do not remember which one exactly) I cannot reach the Internet with any application in a whonix-15-ws-Machine.
As I assumed something in the Template-VMs might be broken, so I reinstalled Qubes Whonix completely. The bug however remains.

If you cannot confirm any issues, I may need to reinstall Qubes OS completely. Which is something I would rather like to avoid; especially if the source of error is actually located elsewhere.

Thanks a lot!

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