Tor service at Workstation


I don’t know if this is possible.

I’ve already ran a Tor service at the Gateway, but I’m afraid my application is vulnerable and a possible attacker may find my location exploiting this.

Does a extra layer increases my security or it’s just a felling?

I would like to run the service at the workstation, maybe after a I2P outproxy, but I don’t know exactly how could I do that (me -> VPN -> Tor -> I2P -> Tor -> Service) or maybe just after the Gateway Tor connection.

Idk, it’s works? Is it a bad ideia? Any help is welcome!

Thanks in advance!

Even if your app is vulnerable an attacker shouldn’t be able to unmask you provided you have it in the WS and they aren’t breaking out of the VM. Running Tor over Tor is unlikely to help in event of Tor being broken (if this is what you’re worried about), but it will sure slow down your experience.

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