Tor Project "Almost 100% Funded By The US Government": FOIA

And the National Science Foundation funds most open non-patented ciphers used today. What’s your point? I don’t care if a program is being funded by satan himself as long as the source is open, can be modified, audited and studied by anyone.

But how many are qualified to actually notice any eventually fishy things there?

unaudited open source is about as good as closed source

What’s your point, indeed? People have been citing Tor’s US Govt funding as a “Gotcha!” for years, arguing that the US has completely cracked the onion open. If Tor really is in their pocket, how come the only reliable Tor circumventions have been browser exploits and server misconfigurations?

You assume full disclosure. Perhaps you assume too much. If NSA had Tor defeated, I highly doubt they would reveal it as a honeypot on their own accord.