Tor Onion Services as Anti-DDoS Protection

Originally published at: News - Whonix Forum
The more widely known feature of Onion Services besides anonymity is the free and trustworthy end-to-end encryption they provide which is impossible to have under the Certificate Authority racket.

Another interesting property is they can serve as a drop-in Global Server Load Balancing and Layer 3 DDoS-resistance solution. In short a a free and libre CDN alternative to tyrants like Cloudflare. It can protect your site without compromising on principles like complete and unhindered access for your your users and readers.

This was recently brought up by network scaling engineer, Alec Muffett who contributed much code to make it possible to run heavy traffic Onion Sites.

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It’s great to have such blog postings.:thumbsup: Having all information in docs only does not reach everyone. Such blog posts help with advocacy and are automatically mirrored to twitter and facebook. Sometimes users use search engines or ask around about anti ddos etc. and might find this. And also due to posting such blog posts, it (re-)enters people consciousness , might be something they have personally use for now or later or will point others to when the topic comes up.