Tor NYX visual glitches

Good day.

I am hoping someone could shed some light on this. I use Qubes-Whonix and usually keep NYX (ARM) opened. Graphical glitches are rare and at times it needs to be restarted due to them. However I find it quite peculiar that twice now, the visual glitches were of a whole different kind, namely, in the first case it asked me to press ‘c’ to confirm if I wish to purge the logs and the second time it asked me to press ‘x’ to confirm resetting Tor’s internal state. Resizing the terminal window in the second case brought the terminal back to normal.

Something tells me this is nothing to be worried about although I am curious why it does this. Anyone experiences such glitches as well? Should I update the graphics drivers?

I’ve had this happen frequently on a Physical-Isolation-build Gateway and somewhat rarely on a Qubes-Whonix Gateway. IIRC it’s never happened on a Virtualbox Gateway. No idea what’s happening… Just waiting for Nyx release.

Right. See:
Frequently Asked Questions - Whonix ™ FAQ

Arm has many issues, see:
Control and Monitor Tor

I would not worry. If you want this fixed, please check the arm issue tracker and take this up to the developer of arm should this be necessary.