TOR not connecting when using Whonix GW 16 in vmware workstation

Ok so my nat adapter settings are fine and I can confirm the uplink works in a different machine.
TOR is also not blocked since whonix 16 works fine in virtualbox.

However. When using Whonix 16 in vmware and setting the right static ip’s and disabling “EXIT_ON_UNSUPPORTED_VIRTUALIZER”
Whonix Gateway still does not wan’t to connect to TOR for some reason.
This worked fine with Whonix 15 and before so what changed?

I’m not sure what’s wrong here.

I noticed at least one other person having the same problem in the comment section of this youtube video


This does not help.
Whonix 16 somehow stopped working for vmware.
It’s not a networking problem caused by my configurations.

My post wasn’t so much to help unfortunately just to notify about the following…

As written on VMware Whonix ™ Support Status… Most important parts…

The status:

And if it matters, the rationale for this:

Just to shorten your wait… In other words, it’s very unlikely that any help will be provided or this will be resolved.

Not the answer you’re looking for but at least now you now the status of expectations of this have been communicated.

So bassically vmware support got completely broken and users who want to use it are told that it doesn’t work?

That makes me a very sad man.

No changes were made on purpose to break it for sure but yeah, if it doesn’t work then chances to make it work without development skills are rather slim.

Does seem that way yeah!

If anyone reading this gets it to work please let me know!

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