Tor is slow. Utils?

Previously, the Tor browser was slower than Whonix. Then, all of Tor slowed down. And now Whonix is slower than the Tor browser.

Now, any Tor works much slower for me than before. I do not know what it is connected with.

Some sites now open for a very long time, some errors have appeared. Now sites often do not open.

Are there any utilities for testing?

Hi Kay

The Whonix wiki is a good place to start if you have a question about Whonix


I guess this might have something to do with none-public tor entry nodes.
Do you use some of these hidden tor entry nodes?
Whonix asks you when using it the first time, what kind of user you are and if you need to use these hidden tor entry nodes. In some countries, where it is not allowed to use Tor, this might be a good thing, but in others, you probably don’t need that.

These hidden entry nodes are very likely to be a little slower than the public ones.
They might have less bandwidth and this might slow down your tor connection.
You will find more information about that in the whonix wiki or Tor website.

I have everything standard (it seems to me).

Now I have launched the Tor browser on the Host. It started up and two default tabs opened. All was good.

A couple of minutes later I entered other addresses in these browser tabs, but they did not open. I opened another tab and enter the address of another site, but nothing works.
“Problem loading page” - I see such an inscription instead of the site name on the tab.

But the usual Firefox works just perfect now.

Now I updated all the tabs, after which a similar situation repeated for a few more seconds on each tab, the sites did not load for a few more seconds.

After that, the site on each of the tabs loaded.

I don’t think it’s likely he configured bridges without noticing.

@Kay This is very tricky to test. Tor is using different circuits at different times and even on different Tor Browser tabs.

For sure, direct connection (without Tor) will be faster than Tor.

Hi Kay

Each Tor Browser tab uses a different Tor circuit. Therefore it is likely that you will have different performance on each Tab.

  • Tab 1 Tor circuit ‘a’ could be slower that tab 2, Tor circuit ‘b’
  • Some curcuits might not connect all together

The FAQs link I provided applies:


Try using Arm

UPnP works good.

On all tabs, the performance was 0.