Tor integration in Whonix

ship systemd-tmpfiles /usr/lib/tmpfiles.d/tor.conf to fix permission issues

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Tor (from is now in the Whonix 17 testers repository.

Just testers? Looks like it’s available to all channels now or do you mean something else?

Tor (from ) is now in all Whonix 17 repositories.

Unfortunately the vanguards bug was not fixed.

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Reverted as per:

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Just now got upgraded by debian:

[workstation user ~]% apt policy tor    

That is backports. You can see all versions here.


yep, so users of whonix will get this upgrade becaue BP repo is enabled by default.

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Nope. Packages from backports are only installed if explicitly requested by using -t --target-release. Otherwise would be a too much with many backports updates all the time.


No not correct, i just got it with apt update/full-upgrade normally
because the BP already enabled by default.

doesnt need to be explicitly called.

extraextra via Whonix Forum:

No, backports really aren’t upgraded to by default. Documented with evidence (in a footnote) just now here:
System-Wide Upgrade to Backports

However, once you manually install from backports, you will keep getting upgrades from backports, I think.

Why do you have the newer Tor version installed then? Because it was uploaded to the project Kicksecure repository for a few days.

(Whonix is based on Kicksecure.)

Citation required.

If you have the newer version, it is recommended to revert to Debian stable version as per:
Tor Version Downgrade

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Now also in stable-proposed-updates.


This is now in the stable repository.


Tor is now in all repositories.

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