Tor connected but can't access onion links


My internet and vpn connection is working fine. But when trying to access onion links. I get the ‘‘Server Not Found’’ error (tested with different working onion links). Still I can access clearnet sites without issues using my setup below.

Qubes 3.2
Whonix 14
sys-net -> sys-firewall -> VPN -> Tor -> Disposable VM

Thanks in advance!

Extra question: I updated debian from debian 8 to debian 9 and now I have both in my menus. Can I safely remove debian-8 from my system and menu entry? Same goes for whonix; I have whonix-gw and whonix-ws + whonix-gw-14 and whonix-ws-14. Can I remove the whonix-gw and whonix-ws from my system and menus safely?

Hi zerop

How do you know they are working?

Yes, you can always reinstall the TemplateVMs if needed.

Yes, you can remove. Whonix 14 should be used.