Tor Browser won't connect to Tor network

Hi All. This is probably a total newb question where the answer is probably simple, but I am unable to solve the problem.

I am running a host Debian Jessie system where Tor Browser, Torchat, etc have no problem connecting. Whonix is running as a guest in Virtualbox. WhonixCheck runs fine without any errors. I downloaded the Tor Browser manually (there wasn’t a link on the desktop to Tor Browser that even allowed me to download it, so I did it via wget). Tor Browser won’t connect after installation. I immediately get the following error after starting it:

Unable to save Tor settings.
Unable to set option: Failed to bind one of the listener ports.

I know this has to be a configuration issue because the log file is complaining is already in use. Tor is running. I’m guessing that my manually downloading Tor Browser has resulted in a configuration problem, but I’m not sure what it may be. Any guidance?

Sorry for the newbie post, but I’m not exactly sure why it won’t connect here…


Then upgrade:

Then use Tor Browser Updater (Whonix):

Unfortunately, no joy. I’m updated - 0 upgrades available. Complete system rebooted. Same error. Any other possible causes? I could reinstall everything in VB, I guess…

But you are aware of Download Whonix ™ (FREE) ?

What happens if you run


in terminal?

Please copy any output here.

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