Tor browser with whonix, Can ı hacked, using indivious or this forum without VPN over TOR?

Im using tor with whonix. Will guard server can learn my ip adress and try for hack me? Another question:
Obviously English is not my first language. If ı use my real language, can ı still anonymous? If ı use google translate can ı still anonymous? I try to singup this forum with temp-mail and tor-browser with whonix and ı use the javascript this 2 website. Will they know me who am ı or not?
Im not illegal person. I just learning the tor for privacy and ı know tor is not bulletproof. I just use whonix for watch youtube and using forum for legal learning. I think, if ım not target, they can’t find me and they didn’t try find me because ı just using tor and whonix legal. If anybody use for illegal, they can be target. I just learn, what ı am say is thats true?

Proving a negative or absolute assurances are not possible. I don’t think any project would tell you “your anonymity and security is perfect” and if they do, don’t believe the advertisement.

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