Tor Browser on Workstation Host (physically isolated)


I’m running (actually still preparing) a physically isolated setup and I would like to install Tor Browser on the Workstation Host. Now, to avoid a Tor-over-Tor scenario, I was researching how to start Tor Browser standalone. Tor Project’s documentation is a bit outdated here and I was wondering if I may use as a drop-in replacement for the start-tor-browser script that ships with Tor Browser. Would that be a sufficient approach?

If I understand the script correct, I would start Tor Browser like “./start-tor-browser -standalone”. Is there anything else recommended to setup Tor Browser for that usage scenario? Stream Isolation anyone?



some things got simpler in TBB 3.x.

I just finished updating the WebBrowsers · Wiki · Legacy / Trac · GitLab page for you. Please try,

There you’re find updated instructions for doing that.