Tor Browser on Whonix-Workstation-CLI

Haven’t torbrowser (??). Why?
There is only:

I tried to put
$ sudo apt-get install tb-starter # githubcom/Whonix/tb-starter

But does not start

Tor Browser isn’t installed on Whonix-Workstation CLI.
(rationale: it comes without GUI)

To install:

sudo apt install tb-updater tb-starter


To start:


Folder ~/.tb will be existing once update-torbrowser is done.

Not start ((

$ torbrowser
Tor Browser must be run within the X Window System.
[ERROR] [torbrowser] Tor Browser ended non-zero (error) exit code!

Tor Browser was started with:
~/.tb/tor-browser/Browser/start-tor-browser --allow-remote

Tor Browser exited with code : 1

To see this for yourself, you could try: Start Menu -> Syatem -> Xfce Terminal
Then run:

Tor Browser is a GUI application - you need a desktop environment - probably X Window System or X Window System compatible (Wayland?) to run it. It’s unsupported by Tor Browser from The Tor Project to run without a graphical desktop environment (DE). This doesn’t have to do anything with Whonix: Tor Browser doesn’t have any CLI version that would run on any Linux that I am aware of at time of writing.

Whonix CLI is for advanced users. If you need to ask about this, then you’re not an advanced user. That’s rather basic stuff and can be learned about using search engines. I recommend Whonix XFCE - then you won’t have any such issues.

I understand and know that TB needs DE. However, I was confused by this tutorial - whonix org/wiki/Common_Whonix_CLI_Commands#cite_note-5. I thought that I don’t know something)))
Moreover, ordinary users need to understand what the Whonix CLI is for. Also on the site you need to see a list of pre-installed applications in the Whonix CLI. Warning type - “there is no possibility to launch applications from the GUI”.

I see. Added a note just now.

Note: Tor Browser can only be started when a graphical desktop environment (DE) such as XFCE is running ({{project name}} XFCE). At time of writing Tor Browser cannot be run without a running DE ({{project name}} CLI without a custom installed DE). However, graphical applications such as Tor Browser can be started from command line when a DE is running.