Tor browser in shared folder

Wanting to download and install separate tor browsers to a shared folder so I can easily back up my bookmarks on the host operating system from separae browsing sessions without having to backup the whole virtual machine. I’m just avoiding dragnet surveillance, but was curious if there’s any major differences between whonix’s tor browser and regular tor browser? ty

p.s: not playnning to have multiple browsers open on the same VM. I’ll clone the VM and open the browser with the bookmarks I need just so I’m reminded to separate my browsing better.


why not just export your bookmarks to the shared folder and re-import them on the new vm?

@patrick thanks for linking. the main concern would b tor over tor, but after a few days of trying this now, no’t noticing any slow downs.

@59mpci2GJ5xlHhY becase I want to backp the bookmarks withot backing p the whole vm. i cold import/export every browsing session, but Id forget half the time and the other half wold be annoyed and probably not adhere. no reason to do it this way unless theres a benefit for my threat modelll


Running a browser from a shared folder may or may not be difficult independent from Whonix. I’d suggest exercising that first outside of Whonix as per https://www.whonix.org/wiki/Free_Support_Principle

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