Tor Browser in a Firejail X11 Sandbox by default

It seems that Firejail is going to be installed by default in Whonix 15 so this seems like it’d be a good idea.

Any Xorg window has access to any other Xorg window. This makes it easier for things like keyloggers or screenshot programs that can even record the root password. [1]

Firejail has a way to sandbox these windows with an external X11 server so one window doesn’t have access to another window. It seems that there is only support for Xpra and Xephyr. I prefer Xephyr over Xpra.

Would it be good for Whonix to sandbox the Tor Browser or other programs in an X11 sandbox by default?

There is a guide on X11 sandboxing here

  1. https://blog.invisiblethings.org/2011/04/23/linux-security-circus-on-gui-isolation.html

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