Tor Browser icon not updated to the new purple one?


Small but important thing that’s now out of date. Tor Browser’s official icon is a new purple one. Whonix still has the old green one.

It makes Whonix seem really out of date. Tails has it updated, but not Whonix.

What Tor Browser version are you referring to?

The one that is installed (and used) by default in Whonix.


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The regular Tor Browser Bundle and Whonix ™ Tor Browser slightly differ.


The difference could be due to using a different Tor Browser version in Whonix than what you are using in Tails.

To check the Tor browser version,

In the Tor Browser search bar, type: about:tor The Tor Browser version will be located in the top right hand corner of your screen.

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That’s just the start menu entry.

It’s just a startup wrapper, the “outside”. That doesn’t influence the state of updates of Tor Browser, the “inside”.

I see my Whonix 15 and my Tails 3.16 both are at 8.5.5 right now. Regardless, I am not talking about what tb version Whonix is using: I am saying the Whonix project should update the .desktop to reflect tb’s icon change! It’s been a few months now. It’s unprofessional and it makes people think Whonix might be out of date / just doesn’t look good on the Whonix project. Mismatch between the program icon and the .desktop icon.

Can it be updated via whonix repo, or does this kind of thing have to wait for a point release?

First I need to find the origin of the new icon. A source. In a git repository or so or archive. This is required for legal/licensing reasons.

Anything possible but I consider this low priority.

@Patrick OK, thanks for saying.

I hope I’m not offending you with what I’m about to say, but these things matter.

People notice them when they try out Whonix. It forms an impression of how much they can trust Whonix or not. (“Is it up to date, or not?”).That in turn affects the growth of the Whonix community, and in turn, the size of our anonymity set.

Tails project understands this, and I think that meaningfully correlates to the larger user base it has, which brings a benefit for the Tor community.

I’ve cloned tb’s git (How can I install Tor from the source code in the Git repository? - Tor Stack Exchange) and don’t see any image files, it must be in a pre-PNG state in the source?

But in my Whonix’s compiled tb I can find the icon in its various sizes at:


hope that helps

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I doubt many users would immediately dismiss Whonix just because of an icon on the start menu.

No, Tails only has the newer icon because it doesn’t use custom Tor Browser starters like Whonix. It’s there because the ordinary Tor Browser has it, not because of some deeper meaning.

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As mentioned earlier, discussion priorities isn’t productive.

It is a never ending exchange of opinions which doesn’t produce anything but taking time.