Tor browser doesn't run in Whonix 13, after it updated

That’s basically it. I get a popup about a “script error”.

How do I fix that?

Edit: I downloaded a fresh copy, and it works. It must have been an update glitch. Now I just need to figure out how to edit the launcher.

Hi mirimir

Whonix 13 reached EOL (end of life) some time ago. You should either upgrade in place to Whonix 14 or download new Whonix 14 images. Keep in mind some users have experienced issues with upgrading in place. And since Whonix 13 is now deprecated that version is unsupported.



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That’s a totally useless response. I know that it’s old. But I don’t have time to upgrade all of my Whonix instances. It works just fine.
Except for that browser upgrade glitch. But I reinstalled Tor browser, transferred bookmarks, and created a new launch shortcut. And now it’s fine again.
So whatever. Thanks for nothing.

Whonix 13 is no longer supported. Using Whonix 13 would be the same as using Debian 7 and expecting help from Debian developers when you have an issue.

If anonymity is not a requirement then there are other OSs that have better usability.

P.S. My primary goal is to ensure users stays safe while when using Whonix. It might not be the answer you wanted but upgrading to Whonix 14 is the only action you should be focusing on right now. If you need any help with that, please let me know and I’ll do whatever i can to help. :wink:

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Dude, Whonix 13 was released not much more than a year ago. So are you arguing that it and older releases provided no more anonymity than “other OSs”? And your analogy to Debian is flawed. Whonix 13 is based on jessie, not wheezy. And in my experience, support for jessie is still OK.

I’m pretty confident that the glitch that I saw with Tor browser update is not unique to Whonix 13. Unless you’ve totally rewritten the code for handling Tor browser updates. So useful answers would have been “We’ve never seen that.” or “Sure, it happens sometimes, so just get a new Tor browser.” Ignoring my question, and just saying “not supported” and “update” was insulting.

Many users using old versions such as Whonix 13 are unaware that Whonix 14 was released. So it’s common practice to point to newer versions. No insult intended.

I remember your name, welcome back.

Far most of the time I personally don’t review the posting history of posters and rather go straight for an answer.

(Too many) non-answers (in these forums) look bad. And since we don’t expect someone coming up providing a solution for old versions by experience, it’s practice to recommend to update where no such bugs are reported (or already fixed).

Providing extended support for previous stable versions is preferred for both large and small projects alike, but this is infeasible for Whonix due to limited human resources. The reason is the vast majority of developer time must be focused on core components of the stable release version, otherwise providing support for both stable and old-stable would unduly stall its development. Therefore, without a significant increase in funding or manpower, the maintenance of two stable release versions is unlikely in the near or distant future.

Thanks. Sorry to be pissy. It was a bad day. I also discovered that Electrum may no longer work in Whonix, by the way. But I’ve gotta test that in Whonix 14. I suspect that Electrum uses Python3 and pyqt5 only in 64-bit Linux. For sure their AppImage only runs in 64-bit Linux. And this is relevant because only Electrum v3.3 and greater works now.
Anyway, I was just hoping for a useful comment about the browser update glitch. And maybe a hint on how to exit the launch script.

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Looks like electrum indeed doesn’t have a 32 bit app image.

No recent packages available in Debian. And building from source may not be easy [and/or safe?).

Btw electrum instructions were recently updated by @0brand and are known to work with Whonix 14, using electrum 64 bit appimage.

Is Whonix 14 64-bit? If so, I didn’t notice that.
Now that’s a good reason to update.
I can’t say that I really like the mouse OS. But it is lighter, so hey.

Edit: Damn, I didn’t even notice that 14 is 64-bit. That’s great news!


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