Tor Browser Crashing QubesOS(Xen Hypervisor)

I have a Tor Browser bug/vuln that is crashing the entire hypervisor. I get a red screen of death with
an error log referencing systemd and xen-blkback.

I get the feeling its connected to a bug in a graphic library like Mesa3D and the driver llvmpipe.

It might also be related to the screen resolution being a unique identifier as an external monitor is being used which could increase the entropy from a unique identifier standpoint.

This crash happens when using sys-gui VM and the desktop typ is xfce.

Tor Browser version is → Tor Browser Alpha (13.5a1)

Xen Version: 4.14.6

Wrong forum.

Whonix does not develop Tor Browser, Qubes or Xen.

Please report this to Tor Browser and/or Qubes.

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