Tor Browser behavior behind a Windows 7 workstation

I’m using a Windows 7 workstation on Virtualbox, and I’m setting the TOR_SKIP_LAUNCH environment variable to 1 to skip the TOR over TOR behavior before starting the Tor Browser. I have a couple of questions with this setup:

  • when Tor Browser loads, it says I’m not connected to tor, even though all the traffic is being routed through the Whonix Gateway. I think this is a normal behavior as the Tor Browser cannot find a running tor on the local machine?

  • when I request a new identity from the workstation, how does this work? Is there some kind of signal sent to the Gateway to request a new identity?

The instructions for doing that are UNTESTED, UNFINISHED. Please contribute by testing and finishing these instructions!


Possibly. Details:

Yes. Tor control port… More info:

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