Tor Browser 11 not detected

Tor Browser 11 isn’t detected by Tor Browser Downloader?

Any idea?


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If you run from command line…


…it’s output is attempting to be “self-debugging”, as little mysterious as possible.

INFO: Find out latest version… Downloading…: https://aus1.torproject.org/torbrowser/update_3/release/downloads.json
INFO: CURL_OUT_FILE: /home/user/.cache/tb/RecommendedTBBVersions

I.e. see:

Most like upstream, The Tor Project didn’t update the version file yet.

Fixed itself meanwhile, looks like.

INFO: Online detected version: 11.0

Good point - they must have been late in updating the version. Weird, since they had already announced it beforehand.

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The Tor Project Tor Browser version file being outdated happened quite a few times over the years. Could be organisational, caching issues or staged rollouts / staged upgrades / phased updates.

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