Tor broken after interrupted WhonixGW update

I was updating whonix-gw and I was looking at the differences between a new and old file, however I couldn´t exit the view. So I shut whonix-gw down, and now it will no longer update and sys-whonix cannot connect to Tor.
apt says this:

WARNING: Execution of /usr/bin/apt prevented by /etc/uwt.d/40_qubes.conf because no torified Qubes updates proxy found.
Please make sure Whonix-Gateway (commonly called sys-whonix) is running.

  • If you are using Qubes R3.2: The NetVM of this TemplateVM should be set to Whonix-Gateway (commonly called sys-whonix).
  • If you are using Qubes R4 or higher: Check your dom0 /etc/qubes-rpc/policy/qubes.UpdatesProxy settings.

At the very top of that file you should have the following:

$tag:whonix-updatevm $default allow,target=sys-whonix

To see if it is fixed, try running in Whonix TemplateVM:

sudo systemctl restart qubes-whonix-torified-updates-proxy-check

Then try to update / use apt-get again.

For more help on this subject see:
[How-to: Fix dom0 Qubes-Whonix ™ UpdatesProxy Settings](removed link)

If this warning message is transient, it can be safely ignored.

Tor control panel in sys-whonix says Tor is not running. When I click restart Tor, it says Tor Controller cannot be constructed. This is very likely because you have "DisableNetwork 1"line in some torrc file(s).

Try complete the upgrade.

sudo dpkg --configure -a

Unsuitable Connectivity Troubleshooting Tools

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Thank you! That fixed the issue.

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