Tor Bridges (obfs4)

Anybody experiencing issues retrieving obfs4 Tor bridges from the bridgeDB website?

Currently it is only returning a single bridge.

That sounds like by a conscious design decision.

I know as much about it as you do and have zero insider knowledge into The Tor Project.

Hence, if you want to know about about it your best bet is using Tor Project’s support channels.

As per:

Can you explain “conscious design decision”? What this means?

As in, it is purposeful, intentional, not a mistake or a bug.

and he wants you to go to the support forum for the torproject to ask the question instead.

I meant that it sounds as if a human was thinking about it and then made a decision and change. This does not seem like something happening by accident, a bug. To avoid uncertainty, the only chance is to ask people who are familiar with the website in question and/or have the power to make that change.