Tor-Arm display connection informations

I know that the system in some ways have to know where direct the queries, but I have a curious question : why arm shows me the VPN IP ? ( I use VPN —> Tor )
I red into Whonix Documentation that Whonix Gateway doesn’t provide connection information, but it refers to clearnet to prevent leaks ?

Instead, if I stop the Tor connection on Whonix Gateway and then reopen it, I see —> Tor Entry node and so on .
What’s the difference in these two cases ?

In both case VPN-Firewall runs correctly :slight_smile: .

Arm tries to figure out your external address. I would speculate using GETINFO address. Feel free to mail Damian Johnson ( about this. Consider cc’ing the whonix-devel mailing list. (Index of /pipermail/)

Sorry, I’m not english and I didn’t understand this : consider cc’ing the whonix-devel mailing list .
However, I wouldn’t know what I should tell to tor-arm developer .

The problem is that arm, for host only connection for example, it have to know the IP of the entry node .
So I think this is the meaning which tor-arm on Whonix-Gateway knows my external IP address, maybe we can modify tor-arm for Whonix-Gateway :slight_smile: .
Really, i know that is uncessary information about tor-arm because even in the host is always the host to redirects packets, not tor-arm . I think that is possible to show only local address to tor-arm also in this case, it’s a better protection .

In this way tor-arm will see only local address such as : and then the host OS redirects packets with our primary IP, the first node on the internet I mean .

Sorry, I'm not english and I didn't understand this : consider cc'ing the whonix-devel mailing list .
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Whonix doesn’t modify arm. I agree, that arm should not show the external IP. It’s problematic when users post screenshots of arm. That arm determines external IP addresses is a feature of arm, not Whonix. I guess arm does this by asking Tor using Tor’s control protocol using command GETINFO address. Whonix is a distribution with limited manpower. Hosting a fork (Fork (software development) - Wikipedia) of arm would be overkill. So what Whonix can do is only:

  • a) install arm by default, or
  • b) not install arm by default.
  • c) not install arm by default and provide an alternative utility
    If you want changes in arm, you need to convince the developer of arm that your suggestion is a good idea.

Arm show me all informations, my ip, entry node, middle and exit node …
It’s not an huge problem in a client situation, but if someone hosts a server it’s a real problem …

Sorry but i didn’t understand what’s the , i don’t know how help you, i could only send an email to tor-arm developer, if you asked me this .
Thanks for the time :slight_smile: .