Todo list....and Riseup new VPN with "extra encryption"?

Hello first I want to thank all the feedback that this forum has given me. Through all the posts I have made a todo list to complete over the next week or so. Please let me know if there is anything I don’t need to do or should do differently:

  1. Change from Ubuntu to Debian (will try for Fedora or Qubes but I don’t think my hardware will allow me to use Qubes.

  2. Start running obfs4 or obfs3 not sure which is best as article I read was very out of date and said obfs3 was the newest, I wanted to do this as an extra line of security while browsing tor and to keep my ISP from knowing about tor browsing,

  3. Look into riseup’s new VPN service that requires registration on riseup black’ servers which are supposed to be independent from the regular riseup red servers. Possibly use that VPN instead of the one I am using. Although I read that risup had a compromise but their VPN appears to be strong. Any advice on this would be appreciated.

Questions: When I go to the risup squirrel mail site I noticed that they still don’t have a tor site is it a bad idea to be on onion sites and clearnet sites like riseup at the same time??

How will obfs4 work with Whonix?? obfs3?

If any of the wording used in my questions doesn’t make sense please ask. Patrick thank you for doing this on my posts as I want to stop sounding like a noob. :slight_smile:


Good day,

1.) Go nuts.

2.) In general, obfs3 is recommended, as long as your ISP doesn’t actively block bridges. Regard this on how to use bridges with Whonix: Configure (Private) (Obfuscated) Tor Bridges

3.) Can’t tell you much about their VPN, like I’ve set a few threads ago, VPNs are all but to trust, even if they come from respectable establishments like riseup.

4.) Using Tor to access a “clearnet page” is no security problem, if the connection to the site happens encrypted (preferably using AES and Diffie-Hellman).

5.) Being on two websites at the same time is no problem, thanks to stream isolation, see: Stream Isolation

Have a nice day,


Bridges aren’t always “best choice”, “it depends”, written here:

Riseup compromise: citation required.