timesync importerror

When I run timesync I get the error:
File “/usr/lib/sdwdate/url_to_unixtime”, line 14, in
from dateutil.parser import parse
ImportError: No module named parser

but I have python-dateutil installed, if I just run /usr/lib/sdwdate/url_to_unixtime 9050 check.torproject.org 80 true
it runs fine…

/usr/lib/sdwdate/url_to_unixtime 9050 check.torproject.org 80 true

Works for me in Whonix 12 in both Whonix-Gateway and Whonix-Workstation. (Tested using Qubes-Whonix.)

Using in Whonix? Or outside of Whonix?

Outside of Whonix you would require its dependencies being installed.

I’m using Whonix-Workstation (KVM):
√ Up to date: whonix-workstation-packages-dependencies 2.9-1
√ Up to date: Whonix Build Version:
/usr/lib/sdwdate/url_to_unixtime 9050 check.torproject.org 80 true
works fine for me to, it’s when running timesync that I get that error message.
It seems to be related to apparmor, after aa-complain sdwdate, timesync runs fine without the importerror, but I don’t see any apparmor audit messages for sdwdate…

Using apparmor profiles from the testers repository?

No, I think I’m using stable:
Installed: 3:3.2-1
Candidate: 3:3.2-1
Version table:
*** 3:3.2-1 0
500 http://mirror.whonix.de/whonixdevelopermetafiles/internal/ jessie/main i386 Packages
100 /var/lib/dpkg/status

Now reading the wiki I see:
It is highly recommend to switch to Whonix's testers repository before installing them, because the profiles in the stable repository are much older and have some issues.
guess I should try testing

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