Time zone mismatch and not getting uniquely identified by websites

For accessing some German websites I want to use socks5 proxies from Germany because these websites ban Tor and also all IP’s from outside Germany. But when I add a German proxy in torbrowser in workstation I still get banned. I think this is because of the timezone mismatch (I check my IP, user agent etc. on www.whoer.net). When I check IP after adding a proxy, websites see that local timezone is from Germany but system’s timezone is in UTC because workstation timezone is set on UTC.

But because maybe also users with Tor browser are banned by these websites by default, I use nested virtualisation. So inside workstation I’ve installed Virtualbox and a Windows guest. When I change timezone of this Windows guest into Germany time and add proxy there in Internet Explorer or Chrome I still get the same mismatch. How can I circumvent this safely so both system and local and timezone are the same inside the Windows guest?

And does anyone know whether websites can also identify a computers’s name? Because I need to enter some websites daily with different identity (each time new socks IP, newly installed browser etc). Is computer name also relevant here to change? It can be done easily in Windows, but I don’t know whether it’s needed each time for my purpose.

Thanks in advance!

Tor Browser sets timezone to UTC. Independently from what the system has set.

Not using Tor Browser however would also be recommended against. (Tor Browser Essentials) So the safest advice is just to write a friendly complaint and then to forget about that website.

It is more likely, that this website bans Tor exits as well as known proxies and/or does proxy detection checks and bans such users. I don’t think they do (just) time zone matching. More likely if they go to such lengths, they do browser fingerprinting.

I don’t think you can get every day a fresh, new, different, realistic browser fingerprint. If that were possible, then the Tor Browser developers wouldn’t try to give users a shared fingerprint. This is super difficult stuff and Tor Browser is the most sophisticated tool in that niche.

I have similar problem, I need TOR -> VPN
or TOR -> SSH setup, but its useless for me if I can’t adjust
local timezone according VPN/SSH. Only option what
I see currently is discard TOR completely and use VPN box,
but I don’t like that I need trust VPN.
Can you please provide me how this can be done? There must
be way how change local time after traffic has passed
from TOR to VPN/SSH before arrive at web page.