Time syncronization

I have kind of a silly question. Forgive me, I’m a newbie. :stuck_out_tongue:
So I’d like to ask if it’s necessary to run NTS on both gate and workstation virtual machines? If yes, how can I run time syncronization through terminal? ( I prefer to run Gateway without KDE ).

Do NOT run NTP. Whonix has it own secure time sync daemon included that works with Tor.

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You mean I shouldn’t run ‘Time Syncronization Monitor’ Tool in Applications --> System?

That’s OK however your question was about running NTP which we never use for many reasons.

Then how can i run time syncronization monitor on terminal on whonix gateway if it’s necessary?

Oh and one more question do TMS take in account also time corrections at the beginning of spring ( +1 hour ) and autumn ( coming back to UTC time ) ?

The non-technical answer is “yes”.

The technical answer is “no, and it’s not needed”. sdwdate keeps care of the system clock. Time savings plus minus one hour would be up the the operating system local time. Would not require manual interventions. Since time in Whonix is set to UTC that has no day time savings, no manual intervention needed.