Time Sync Issue

I am having an issue with time sync.
I have installed a new workstation and gateway. When I restore workstation from a saved state and start gateway from fresh, and both show the following error in the bottom right corner

“General Timeout Error. Internet connection might be down.
Sleeping for 10 minutes.”

Running time syncronization monitor does not fix the issue. Manually setting the clock myself occasionally fixes it.

Does anyone know how to fix this problem?


Thanks Patrick.

Using command sudo service sdwdate restart does not seem to correct the issue, and also as I mentioned, the error is there on the gateway vm when powering it on.

Which virtualizer?

issue b)

Either do not do not use suspend (poweroff instead) or use Troubleshooting - Whonix.

issue a)

It’s probably not great to mix this into this topic. So

  1. So after a fresh host start…
  2. No suspend / resume involved…
  3. host clock reasonable correct (up to +/- 30 minutes inaccuracy is not great but works)?
  4. Whonix-Gateway start and still have general timeout error…
    Is this what you are describing?

As long as issue a) is not sorted out, it is not useful to start with issue b). Because issue b) can just be a follow up issue of a).